Connecting Readers with Finger Lakes Authors


The Finger Lakes Authors and Readers Experience (FLARE) is the brainchild of Laurie Gifford Adams who is, herself, a Finger Lakes author and lifelong educator. Her grand idea was to gather readers and writers together in celebration of the beauty that is the Finger Lakes, and the joy that is the written word.

Brooke Baker, chief co-conspirator and freelance editor, joined the executive committee over glasses of rosé and some excellent ratatouille. Always a sucker for an interesting project, and a huge fan of Ms. Adams, she’s excited to be a part of creating this Finger Lakes-focused literary community.

Adams and Baker had planned to create a live event that included food and tents, and possibly a juggler or two. So, while this year’s event may not look exactly like that, it promises to be fun time with lots of opportunity to meet and learn about the Finger Lakes authors and their books.

Liz Reeve and Martha Jerrim joined the executive committee when Adams and Baker realized that they needed more voices contributing to the design of the event, and their perspectives are invaluable.

So welcome to FLARE! We’re delighted that you’re interested enough to learn more about us, and about our Finger Lakes Authors. We have some great sessions planned throughout the day and hope you’ll bring your friends and family to join us.

Our mission is to highlight and promote Finger Lakes authors and foster a deeper connection with readers.