Connecting Readers with Finger Lakes Authors

From the Intern’s Desk

Hello all, it’s me, the intern. 

I suppose you’re wondering how or why some twenty something brat is writing a blog post for an organization about local and experienced authors connecting with each other and their communities. Well, primarily it’s to document my unique perspective of the journey all writers and members of the organization go through. When one tells the story of how they went from no experience to a little, it can help others when they reach that step in the future, or remind the writers now what it was like when they went through it. Or what do I know? I’m the one who doesn’t know anything.

Like all baby scribes, I got this writing internship because a Fairy God-Editor said if I could prove myself in this endeavor she’d turn me into a real writer. It’s crazy to me that I actually got this chance. Since high school I’ve been regularly doing things like attending conventions, or helping people run booths or even volunteering for the event itself. This is the first time I was there to see and “be a part of” the actual organization and creation of the event.

And I hate it. Why does it have to be so complicated? Why can’t we all just agree to show up for the thing without having to schedule and organize and plan? Why do I have to worry about typography, layout, and interpretation by the audience of a flier? Why can’t I just press a “Make it Look Good” button and not worry about it?

But seriously, working and helping with this is both enjoyable and nerve-wracking. It’s like, you know, “Look at me Mom! I’ve got a big boy job where I use a confusing project management website and there are actual repercussions if I mess up.” I get to do work that stretches my comfort level and at the same time, get an understanding of success that’s useful and engaging. Instead of a number or letter grade on how good what I do is, I see the consequences of my work in the real world. Or at least, that’s my understanding so far.

I’ve barely started my journey, it’s like slowly getting into the pool and waiting to adjust to the temperature before I get started. So hopefully by the end of this time I get the chance to swim instead of sink. And maybe do a few rounds of marco polo.

John Bond is a student in the Writing and Communication Arts program at Keuka College. He is currently completing his first Field Period as an intern with FLARE.