Connecting Readers with Finger Lakes Authors

Gearing Up For An Exciting 2023

F.L.A.R.E. is still a new group, but we are mighty, and three years after our first big FLARE event, we’re proud to say that we’re living our mission: … to highlight and promote Finger Lakes authors and foster a deeper connection with readers. Our main goal or objective is connecting readers with Finger Lakes authors.

We have several events planned this year where our authors will sell and sign books. Why is this a big deal? Because, if you’re not J. K. Rowling, or John Grisham, or Nicholas Sparks, or some other millionaire author, readers don’t come looking for your books. Instead, writers have to find a way to go to them.

That’s what FLARE does. We bring the authors and their books to the readers by way of group events. We promote and entice and then hope and pray that readers will take a chance on a new author and his or her books. The more people that authors get to meet, the better the chance that there’s someone looking for a new book in their genre. The reader hands over money, the author signs the book and chats with the reader, and voila! A new author-reader relationship is born.

If you look back at our mission statement and then you look at our calendar of FLARE events for the year, I’m sure you’d agree — mission and goal accomplished! We hope you’ll join us at one — or multiple — FLARE events to get to know the phenomenal authors who make up the Finger Lakes Authors and Readers Experience. We’re waiting for you with stories you can fall in love with and a pen to sign our names.

Now we just need you, dear readers!