Connecting Readers with Finger Lakes Authors

The Uncomfortable Author Waiting Game

It’s probably one of the bravest things we authors do. We set up a table with our books, then carefully sculpt a display to be visually appealing.

Then we wait. With the clock ticking in our heads, we wait for readers to show interest in our babies – AKA our books.

It doesn’t matter if we’re the only author set up hoping to sell books to new readers or if we’re with multiple authors, the feeling is the same. You wait with guarded anticipation to see if someone will show interest in what you’ve written.

Then, after you’ve given your best smile and shared a little background about your books, there’s more uncomfortable waiting.

Will they pick up a book?

Will they turn it over to read the back, or open it and read the first paragraph or page? Will their eyes light up with interest?

None of it is in our control. We can only hope that we didn’t spend all this time preparing for the event – perhaps even having to pass on a family dinner out for this commitment – setting up and sitting, only to pack up exactly the same number of books at the end that we came with.

The brutal honesty is, that can be so disheartening. You’re filled with anticipation that maybe you’ll gain new readers, only to have no one show or for them to bypass your table.

If you have the opportunity to support an author, you have no idea what a difference that will make in their day. We all want people to like our kids, and it’s the same for our books. We want them to be wanted. After all, we poured our heart and soul into them over months, or sometimes years.

Thank you for coming to our events. Thank you for showing interest in our books. Thank you for those times when you purchase them. It may not seem like much to you, but to a writer, you’ve made their day.

Thank you readers!