Connecting Readers with Finger Lakes Authors

Cover Design for the Indie Author 2/22/23 @ 7 p.m.

Do you judge a book by the cover? How important is a book’s cover in influencing you to buy it? These are questions both readers and writers ask. The responses are as varied as the people. Along with cover artists Leslie Taylor and Kris Norris, we’ll talk about what goes into designing a stand-out cover (and the layout inside!). We’ll look at some random covers and talk about why we

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Summer on the Finger Lakes

As summer approaches I am looking forward to heading over to the Finger Lakes for our first in-person FLARE event. I am also looking forward to seeing some family while I am there, and, of course, that brings up fond memories of my youth. My uncle was the pastor of the tiny church in Hector New York. I spent a few weeks with my cousins in the summer of 1967.

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