Connecting Readers with Finger Lakes Authors

Summer on the Finger Lakes

As summer approaches I am looking forward to heading over to the Finger Lakes for our first in-person FLARE event. I am also looking forward to seeing some family while I am there, and, of course, that brings up fond memories of my youth. My uncle was the pastor of the tiny church in Hector New York. I spent a few weeks with my cousins in the summer of 1967.

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Peeking Behind the Wizard’s Curtain

Who are the wizards working the levers behind the F.L.A.R.E. curtain? Well, wonder no more! Introducing your F.L.A.R.E. team. Laurie Gifford Adams. F.L.A.R.E. is the brainchild of author Laurie Gifford Adams. Laurie has published multiple YA books including the well-traveled volume Finding Atticus, and two collaborations with Scott Driscoll, a member of the Connecticut Capitol police force, that focus on keeping our young people safe in the virtual landscape. Her

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Why Our Readers Matter

Here are some interesting stats for you. There are 129,864,880 published books in the world. (That number written out is one hundred twenty-nine MILLION, eight hundred sixty four THOUSAND, eight hundred and eighty.) That would be a great number if it had a dollar sign in front of it and was written on a check with an author’s name in the “Pay to the order of” section, but when you’re

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